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    Your Premiere NDIS Support Partner in Victoria

    We're passionate about empowering NDIS participants and their families to live independently and on their own terms, right in the comfort of their home. Offering a range of NDIS services designed to meet the unique needs and choices of those with disabilities and medical conditions, we bring the help to your doorstep.

    Who We Are

    With over 15 years of combined experience within the disability and medical condition support sector, My Help Pty Ltd has a dedicated team of over 100 staff who have had the privilege of supporting more than 500 participants from all backgrounds and diverse needs in the metropolitan Melbourne area. We provide NDIS support services to people with disabilities and other medical conditions that need personalised care in their own homes and want to connect to the community


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      My Help has a team of highly trained, experienced and qualified professionals who work together to create an environment of excellence and care at all levels of the organisation.

      Our Services

      We’re committed to providing professional, caring, and custom-fit support. NDIS participants and their families are at the heart of what we do. We cater to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, ensuring everyone can access the support they need to live their best life.

      Assist Access/Maintain Employment:

      We offer comprehensive support to NDIS participants aiming to find and excel in suitable employment. Our services blend customised career guidance with essential life skills training, enabling you to achieve both professional success and personal independence.

      • Career Support: Personalised job application assistance and career guidance to help you secure and excel in the right role.
      • Workplace Success: Strategies for workplace adjustments and ongoing support for a fulfilling career.
      • Life Skills Development: Training in crucial life skills, such as budgeting, cooking, and effective use of technology, fostering autonomy in daily living and work.

      Home Modification

      We make homes more comfortable and accessible through thoughtful modifications, ensuring your space meets your needs and supports your independence.

      • Assessment and implementation of necessary home modifications.
      • Coordination with professionals for quality adjustments and NDIS funding guidance

      Personal Care

      Our Personal Care services support you at every stage of life, ensuring your care needs are met with dignity and professionalism. Our fully qualified, certified and trained team is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of support, aligned to your unique circumstances.

      • Comprehensive Support: From initial assistance to palliative care, our team is equipped to offer respectful and comprehensive support.
      • Personalised Assistance: Aligned to your complex care needs, we help manage daily routines, making life easier.
      • Dedicated Team: Our qualified professionals are trained to assist with a higher level of personal care, focusing on mobility, medication management, and nutritional needs.

      Daily Task/Shared Living

      Sharing life and daily tasks with others can enhance your quality of life. We offer support to NDIS participants for managing shared living arrangements and completing daily chores, making every day smoother.

      • Assistance with daily household tasks and shared living coordination.
      • Support in developing routines for a harmonious living environment.

      Assistance with Daily Living Activities

      Our services are designed to support NDIS participants in leading a more independent and fulfilling life, ensuring comfort and efficiency in their daily routines, both at home and within the community.

      • Comprehensive Personal Care: We provide assistance with daily personal care tasks, integrating support for mobility and personal safety to promote independence.
      • Household Management Assistance: We help with household chores, including cleaning, laundry, and meal preparation, ensuring participants can enjoy a clean and organised living space
      • Travel and Community Connection: Customised travel planning and support foster greater community access, with additional training for the independent use of public transport, making appointments, work, and leisure activities more accessible.

      Community Nursing Care

      Health and well-being are significant, and our community nursing care provides NDIS participants with the medical support they need, right in the comfort of their home.

      • Professional nursing services for health management at home.
      • Regular health checks and coordination with healthcare providers.

      Community Participation

      Our services aim to enrich your engagement with the community, offering support to discover and participate in activities that align with your interests and expand your social circle. We're dedicated to helping you find joy and belonging through active community involvement.

      • Personalised Engagement: Assistance for participating in events and activities, matching your interests.
      • Opportunity and Growth: Access to volunteer opportunities and skill development programs to foster personal and social growth.
      • Assured Participation: Transportation assistance ensures you can fully engage in community life.

      Starting Your NDIS Journey

      • Initial Consultation: Our team meets with you and your family to understand your needs, dreams, and the challenges you face
      • Assessment of Needs: We conduct a thorough assessment to identify the specific services that will best support your independence and well-being.
      • Personalised Care Plan: Together, we create a customised plan that outlines the services and support you'll receive, aligned to your individual goals.
      • Ongoing Support:Our team is here for you, providing continuous care and adapting your plan as your needs evolve.

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      Opting for My Help means you’re also gaining friends who genuinely care about making your life easier. With a management team that brings over 15 years of combined experience in the disability sector, we are dedicated to providing support services that make a meaningful difference.

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      Understanding the NDIS

      The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government initiative designed to provide support to Australians with disability, their families, and carers. It aims to offer the necessary services and support to help participants lead a more independent life.

      What is the NDIS?

      Am I Eligible for the NDIS?

      How Do I Apply for the NDIS?